Booking an Appointment

Appointments for Therapy
Booked Hourly
Appointments can be made by calling 082 096 9937 (when I am not consulting)
Bookings can be made for during the week and on Saturday mornings

Appointments for therapy are 50-60 minutes.

Appointments for intelligence assessment involve:

First appointment 
An intake interview with guardian/s or client if an adult (Usually 1 hour).
The assessment of the child/adolescent/adult (approximately 2 hours).

Second appointment 
Report back and discussion of recommendations (1 hour).
A comprehensive psycho-educational report (1 hour).

Appointments for Career Assessments involve:

First appointment 
intake interview and Career assessment battery (2-2.5 hours)

Second appointment 
Report back and discussion of recommendations.
Comprehensive Career Assessment Report (charged as 1 hour)

Email me confidentially on should you wish to make an enquiry.